Bringing a new opportunity for farmers,

the community and the environment.

Educating farmers and communities of the many environmental benefits of Hemp, connecting  with farmers to grow Hemp, and building Innovation labs for new products around minimizing waste and using a renewable and biodegradable resource.

The Model

Partnering with local farmers



The hearts and minds behind the project

Stephen Cutter


Greg Kerr

International Director

Pedro Rivera

Director of Sales & Blockchain

Stephen is passionate about developing strategies around benefiting the planet and the people. Stephen has been an entrepreneur his whole life and has over ten years of business development skills.  

  • Pedro has over twenty years of sales experience, managed and established call centers from 10 to 100 employees and has been in several different industries. Pedro also is a blockchain veteran and has international connections.

Greg is a green energy builder with 8 renewable power grids in Africa. Greg is a peace strategist with extensive experience is the world’s most complex conflicts:  Greg received Top Writer Awards on Medium in Innovation and Government and build an online following of 20k professionals on Linkedin. Greg speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and hosts Podcasts in English and Portuguese—Crypto Disrupted and Crypto Disrupted Brasil.


Alan Picone

BIOLOGIST & Expert Grower

Alan has been involved in the Cannabis space for over forty seven years and has a wealth of knowledge to grow the plant in the most organic and natural environment. Alan focus is to study the seed genetics for each region to be able to recommend the best solution for each application. Weather it be soil remediation, fiber, seed production and high quality organic cannabinoids.

Ashley Goeken


Ashley is a third generation entrepreneur with a background in Smart City technology and a passion for utilizing the power of technology for social good

Christen Goeken


Christen has a background in Telecommunications and Smart City Technology with a focus on intelligent ecosystems that impact the community and environment

Jerrica Rai Whitlock  

Senior Adviser

Jerrica is a seasoned entrepreneur with a emphasis on Social impact and social  impact branding for the UN SDG’s. She is a well connected and passionate individual that seeks great change in the world. Jerrica has been involved the hemp space and has connections with Cannatopia and Jerrica also has a focus on educating people in Urban settings on the benefits of cultivating hemp.



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